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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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07 February, 2011

Don't Let Your Alligator Mouth Write Checks That Your Hummingbird Ass Can't Cash

If you Voted Republican for Change...This is how your brain must feel now!!

(Newser) – Well, that was fast. Republicans are already backpedaling on a number of provisions of their “Pledge to America,” including promises to cut spending and reform Congressional rules. The GOP had railed against Democrats’ strong-arm legislative tactics, pledging to send all bills through a full committee process and to “let any lawmaker—Democrat or Republican—offer amendments.” Yet with its very first act—health care reform repeal—it will break both pledges, Politico reports.

Republicans also haven’t put the constitutional citations they promised on any early bills, though they say they may add them later when the bill hits the floor. The GOP has also ditched a promise to publicly reveal who attends committee meetings, something that could be used against reps who play hooky. Oh, and that pledge to cut $100 billion in spending in the first year? They’ve admitted that’s not actually feasible, the AP reports, thanks to the vagaries of the budget cycle.
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When a political entity has to come at you with a gimmick such as the Republicans did, with their "Pledge to America" I knew we were screwed. After reading through the document, any sensible person could come to only one conclusion... The Republicans wanted their license to steal renewed!! They wanted less supervision and oversight to make it easier to get their hand in the cookie jar. They preached...Bipartisan workmanship is what we will do to restore the people's faith in the government. Then November 3rd after the election Republican Senator Mitch McConnell announces that the only way the Republicans see they are going to get any thing done is to get a Republican President elected in 2012?

Excuse me..that is not bipartisan workmanship.. That to me is the usual Asshole Vs. Asshole politics and the average citizen be damned. So why make all these promises to America for transparency, like a list of who attends votes and committee meetings and such? Because it can come back and bite them on the butt, it sounds good on paper, but they do not really want to do it for you. THEY DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO WORK THAT HARD, look at what they have done to keep the Bush tax Cuts for the wealthiest...they sold America down the river to keep their money, but were going to let people who had no job and had ran out of unemployment benefits starve..Right before the holiday season.... That takes some gall to do that to your fellow countrymen.

Thank You Mr. Obama for compromising with these Opportunistic Jackals and not allowing Americans to starve during the holiday and winter season..especially the way the winter has turned out. Folks..there is no doubt that America needs to be repaired..but it doesn't happen overnight. We being a society used to instant gratification do not have the will nor the staying power to get the job done anymore and that is really sad..How will America realize it's true potential in the future if we think this way?.

I will leave you with thought...what happens when you drink too much tea?..........You run to the bathroom and it goes right through you..Hopefully the Tea party and the Republicans can be flushed through our system in 2012...We have set a term limit on the office of president... maybe it is time to limit congress persons to 8 years so we do not have these folks get so entrenched that they stagnate our political system. People shed skin everyday to expose healthy new skin it's a natural process...Just something to think about!!