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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
That Picture You just had to take could be Al Qaeda's next recruiting poster!!

16 February, 2011

America..Wake up Sweetheart..Your Freedoms Were Stolen While You Were Asleep Last Night!

Think that the title of this blog entry is far-fetched... Think Again!! In a series called Conspiracy Theory, former Governor Jesse Ventura brings to light some interesting stuff. I was not thinking I was going to be persuaded too much by this series of 3 videos. The videos themselves were eye opening, but what hooked me is it got me going to Government websites to research what was being said...And in most cases, I was able to find documentation that proved what he was talking about. Rather than me go on and on about this. Watch the 3 videos..They are riveting!! He actually confronts a Senator who Co-Sponsored the bill for the FEMA facilities..Which happen to under the supervision of Homeland Security? Whats up with that?... Anyway you will laugh at the dumb ass senator when he gives his answer..nothing short of Ludicrous!!

Not to be confused with the Rapper Ludacris who has a hell of a lot more intelligence!! Do not get me wrong!! I love my country, but do not trust my government. Once you watch the 3 videos, please go to read about the Executive Order That Mr. Ventura mentions I found it at the Official White House Site. HOLY SHIT THE BED MARGARET!! Another part Jesse mentions is that Senators are signing off on other senators bills for favors to their own Party or to gain something for their district. But too many shady deals will sink America. This brings up my case for term limits for congress.. career politicians in my opinion are ripe for corruption and before they get tempted...BOOT THEM OUT!!

Now..I know you are thinking That I am an absolute Nutter for even looking at this conspiracy...BUT, stranger things have happened and the pieces are there, just the right person would have to put them in the right places at the right times and folks...we could lose it all. This is all happening right out in the open, but you do not know about it, Hitler came to power in a legitimate fashion, but once he got there..well, we all know what happened next. I am not saying Mr. Obama is Hitler...One never knows who might end up president in the event of assassination(s)?

I do know this, It appears that Homeland Security has way too much Authority and needs to have it's wings clipped back a little. They seem to be running amok and this is what scares me. There is a plethora of information out there, just do a Google Search for REX 84 and start from there. Keep an open some of the folks who write about this kind of stuff are NUTS. Mainly look for government sources...they do not seem to be hiding it.