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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
That Picture You just had to take could be Al Qaeda's next recruiting poster!!

23 July, 2010

To The V.A.... "We Won't Get Fooled Again"

Today I would like to write about the V.A. and their decision to add a subsection to the Gulf War registry for environmental issues such as Sodium Dichromate. Now, That is all good and everything, but what about our brother veterans from Vietnam who got Agent Orange and other crap dumped on them. When I joined The service in 1982, they were still giving out this bug repellent that they had used in Vietnam, and anything plastic it came in contact literally melted. Yeah, those guys literally had to use it or get eaten by some big ass bugs, not much of a choice huh.

Now, I know alot of Vietnam Vets have a dislike for current vets, even saying, they "Chose to fight" and "They knew what they were getting into" so they got what they deserved. And the reason they give these type of opinions is because we were not drafted. I am sorry guys, I was born during the very early part of your war and had nothing to do with you being drafted. I am truly sorry for that, but what has been done cannot be undone and we need to work together.

I know what alot of you people are thinking, this guy is a whiner. I had no problem doing my job as an infantryman. And yes, while bullets and bombs will kill you, at least it happens pretty quick and you are not left to suffer. Then you do not come home and procreate and your offspring look like their DNA was strained through a tube sock. This all happens because some cheap Contractor S.O.B. uses the cheapest materials available to get the job done and Humanity be damned.

To the Gulf War I vets, these poor men and women have been jerked around so many times it is crazy. The V.A. never seems like it can settle on what if anything they can do for them.

Now, I have been to the Portland V.A. Hospital for the Gulf War Registry Screening, this was March 24th 2010 and saw Dr. Grebenow. Before hand they had sent me a large packet of paper to fill out regarding my exposure and my symptoms. I took considerable time filling it out with great detail and took it with me to my appointment. Now I was NOT AT ALL IMPRESSED!! with this Dr. or the exam, it appeared to be an appeasement process so us veterans would shut up. The reason I say this, is because he never once looked at all the paper work I filled out. He then would ask me questions, and instead of letting me answer them, he would finish my answers his way. What the hell was the point of driving 110 miles round trip for nothing? Now, I am not trying to be mean or anything, but this needs to change!!

Then at the end of the appointment, he asked me "What do you know about Sodium Dichromate?" kinda as if to find out with what type of B.S. answers he was going to be able to get away with telling me. So I told him "I know it's a corrosion fighter"
to which he replied "we do not have any data on short term exposure to Sodium Dichromate... At least someone was finally being honest!!

I really want to be of service to my fellow veterans, but it is really hard to travel for long distances for me because my bones and joints ache all the time and my left eye is real sensitive to too much sunlight.

So to the V.A. if you read this, I am willing to help, but you must put forth a earnest effort to help all veterans and Educate your Doctors and Staff, they are there to help veterans, if they do not like their job, maybe they need to look elsewhere. And please, if you are going to make us fill out a whole bunch of paperwork for a exam, have the doctor go over it with us during the exam. I listed all my symptoms on that damn paper packet, but we did not even talk about half of them.

Better yet, I think I am going to start showing up to my appointments with a micro tape recorder and a sign hanging around my neck saying "This Appointment may be recorded for quality assurance purposes"

Let's talk about the V.A.'s claim process.. It has done a 180 degree from what I can tell. V.A. Training letter 10-03 lays it all out and has straightened alot of stuff out. And I gotta give Mr. Shinseki MAJOR props for that!! YOU ROCK!!

19 July, 2010

The Pillars Of Justice? Yeah Right

Those of you that have read my blog know that I have become disenfranchised with the Republican Party and know that it will be a frozen day in you know where before they earn another vote from me. Now, take a look at the top picture on this particular blog. Abraham Lincoln in 1864 warned this country of the growing cancer called big business and we have chosen to ignore it. It now permeates every facet of our lives!! While Sitting in court listening to KBR lawyers argue about why us former soldiers should not have our day in court, I began to realize that even the court system is pretty much on auto pilot, save for a few judges who have the Intestinal Fortitude to listen to cases based on their own merit.

Some judges are not even willing to listen at much length before giving in to big business on some of these cases. I mean some of the cases that KBR was spouting were from when Moses was a Cub Scout!! Are they really applicable to the complex way society is today? If your case is going to be decided by somebody's case who might have been similar, even though 50 years prior, what is the point!! Why then do we need judges today who we pay large salaries to?, we could have law clerks look up cases in the books that are similar to yours and decide them that way.

Or, we can do things the right way and ALL Americans should get their day in court! The excuse "That's the way we always have done it" is crap... It doesn't mean it is right or fair. I am thinking that the reason that lady Justice is blindfolded and has a set of scales, she does not care what you look like, but whether or not your wallet is fat!! The fatter and heavier your wallet, makes you more equal and I guess the reason for the sword is for us indigent folks who cannot afford justice..She just smites us with it. Big Corporations seem to be the biggest abusers of the court system and behind them are the Republican Party purporting to be looking after your best interests.

I am thinking that KBR means Killed By Republicans!!

13 July, 2010

Fantasy Island.. It truly exists!!

Well, I attended U.S. District Court in Portland OR. Yesterday, relating to the motion to dismiss filed by KBR. Now, I have seen pictures of KBR's Attorneys on their Mckenna firm website and I am sorry, but it is looking like these Sodium Dichromate and other cases are sucking the life right out of them. Kinda like the Sodium Dichromate has sucked the life right out of me. Money isn't everything and it wont give you your health back..remember that!!

But I guess a whole lot of money can buy you a firm of attorneys willing to try every trick in the book (legally) to get their client off the hook. When Judge Papak came in, I was surprised that KBR's Attorneys chose to remain seated while they made their oral arguments. Their main attorney Mr. Biagini went on and on and on citing cases that should be taken into consideration regarding their motion to dismiss this case.

I thought he was going to deplete all the oxygen in the room as several people started to nod off from boredom. He did make a few valid points, however they were lost in his repeated attempts to school the judge on case law and at times even shaking his finger at Judge Papak like a parent scolding a misbehaving child in a condescending fashion.

When the Attorney for the Guardsmen Mr. Sugerman made his presentation, he stood and was very courteous and directly to the point. He did not waste the court's time and was respectful of the Judge. Now I had heard that KBR's legal team acted arrogant, and after watching this episode..I kinda agree. If this case is allowed to go forward..I cannot wait to do my part to set the record straight on what happened at Qarmat Ali during those days in 2003 in Iraq, because KBR isn't telling anyone the whole story.

If nothing else comes of this, I hope and pray that American taxpayers do not ever find themselves held hostage like this again. This whole situation reminds me of the lyrics of a favorite Heavy Metal Band Sacred Reich, the song is called


Truth and honor faith and pride all convictions surely died honesties
time has passed time for lies is here at last truth is false I'm so fed up
how did we come to be so fucked? hate fear pain death all our country
has got left

Talk to children hear them say daddy left again today brother steals and
mommy lies future lost before their eyes the sun was lost behind the
clouds they rapped it up and blacked it out acid rain fell today it came
and washed our hopes away

This was once the land of dreams now these dreams have turned to
greed in the midst of all this wealth the poor are left to help themselves
a capitalist's democracy no one said that freedom's free lady liberty rots
away no truth, no justice the American way

Don't look past your t.v. all of us are what you see a looking glass into
our lives what we watch is what we buy priorities are out of whack
who is next to stab our back doesn't it make you mad to have lost all that
we've had

This was once the land of dreams now these dreams have turned to
greed in the midst of all this wealth the poor are left to help themselves
a capitalist's democracy no one said that freedom's free lady liberty rots
away no truth, no justice the American way

Doesn't it fill you with disgust that there's no one left to trust is this
happening is this real my body numb I cannot feel are you happy are you
sad are emotions a thing of the past I have no tears I cannot cry no one
mourns for a world that's died

This was once the land of dreams now these dreams have turned to
greed in the midst of all this wealth the poor are left to help themselves
a capitalist's democracy no one said that freedom's free lady liberty rots
away no truth, no justice the American way

(Sacred Reich- American Way 1990)

04 July, 2010

Freedom and Democracy, what does it mean to you on this 4th of July 2010?

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One of the best things I can remember about celebrating the Birthday of this magnificent country, is watching fireworks. More and more communities are having to do away with celebrating our country's birthday because of budget cuts. Hmm, Americans are suffering starvation and homelessness and other things while we give billions of dollars in aid to countries who could give a flying rat's ass about us.

That money would be better spent here on education, infrastructure and the well being of America first. I know that sounds selfish, but you gotta have your own house in order before you go trying to help others. Give some of the money to the communities to celebrate 4th of July like a big birthday party if you will, like the old time fair!! Those were fun!!

Anyway, Democracy to me means I have a voice in my government, Freedom means, I can move to any state in the U.S. I want to and I don't have to get permission first (this does not apply to you that are on parole or probation) I can marry whom I choose (within legal limits) and I can choose the profession of my choice..(also within legal limits) Sure, the U.S. is not perfect, but damn it, it is one of the best places on earth to live. And another freedom we all have, is if we do not like it here, we are free to move to another country of our choosing.

But on the other hand, the U.S. Government should not be given Carte Blanche to do what ever it deems fit. My personal belief is that no one company should be favored above another in private contracting, especially during wartime (Iraq Invasion).

Ok, you are the only contractor given the job and your company needs an indemnity clause as well before you will go to work. I think the U.S. Government acted in gross negligence with our tax dollars here. In my personal opinion it is one of the biggest cases of waste, fraud and abuse ever seen. And it is only going to get worse. You can still be a good American and not completely trust your Government. Although I do not always agree with the government's position, I would never sell America out to another country.

Think About It, the next time someone tells you "We have Always Done It That Way" Does not make it the right way!!