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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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19 July, 2010

The Pillars Of Justice? Yeah Right

Those of you that have read my blog know that I have become disenfranchised with the Republican Party and know that it will be a frozen day in you know where before they earn another vote from me. Now, take a look at the top picture on this particular blog. Abraham Lincoln in 1864 warned this country of the growing cancer called big business and we have chosen to ignore it. It now permeates every facet of our lives!! While Sitting in court listening to KBR lawyers argue about why us former soldiers should not have our day in court, I began to realize that even the court system is pretty much on auto pilot, save for a few judges who have the Intestinal Fortitude to listen to cases based on their own merit.

Some judges are not even willing to listen at much length before giving in to big business on some of these cases. I mean some of the cases that KBR was spouting were from when Moses was a Cub Scout!! Are they really applicable to the complex way society is today? If your case is going to be decided by somebody's case who might have been similar, even though 50 years prior, what is the point!! Why then do we need judges today who we pay large salaries to?, we could have law clerks look up cases in the books that are similar to yours and decide them that way.

Or, we can do things the right way and ALL Americans should get their day in court! The excuse "That's the way we always have done it" is crap... It doesn't mean it is right or fair. I am thinking that the reason that lady Justice is blindfolded and has a set of scales, she does not care what you look like, but whether or not your wallet is fat!! The fatter and heavier your wallet, makes you more equal and I guess the reason for the sword is for us indigent folks who cannot afford justice..She just smites us with it. Big Corporations seem to be the biggest abusers of the court system and behind them are the Republican Party purporting to be looking after your best interests.

I am thinking that KBR means Killed By Republicans!!