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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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02 August, 2010

Contract Negotiation 101...Use a Gun!

The following is an attempt to manipulate facts uncovered by Julie Sullivan of the Oregonian. My Response to this editorial is below.

This was written on KBR's web site by Mark S. Williams,

Editorial Response
to Hexavalent Chromium Suit Against KBR
by Oregon National Guard Goes Forward"
By Mark S. Williams, President, KBR Infrastructure, Government and Power

Many of the statements and assertions in Ms. Sullivan's article are incorrect and KBR would like to set the record straight on a few of the issues raised.

The medical evidence provided by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine (USACHPPM) directly disputes the plaintiffs' allegations in the Oregon National Guard lawsuit. The USACHPPM evidence establishes that the symptoms alleged are not consistent with long-term exposure to hexavalent chromium. This may explain why plaintiffs and their contingency-fee lawyers thus far have refused to provide evidence of the amount and duration of their alleged exposure to hexavalent chromium, refused to detail the injuries each plaintiff claims was caused by the unproven exposure, and refused to provide any scientifically reliable evidence showing that such unproven exposure actually causes the injuries alleged.

KBR is entitled to defend itself against plaintiffs' unproven, incorrect and baseless allegations.

The article goes beyond the lawsuit and mischaracterizes KBR's work in Iraq as "synonymous for poor performance: serving spoiled food, using contaminated water and burning trash in pits." We suggest that Ms. Sullivan check the facts. The U.S. military consistently and officially has given KBR's work "good" to "excellent" award ratings for our work that includes food, water and trash service. These high ratings are on record and directly dispute the article's inaccurate commentary about KBR's work.

Based in part on KBR's track record of high-quality performance, the U.S. military earlier this month notified KBR that it will continue to provide life support services to U.S. bases in Iraq under the current contract, LOGCAP III. While Ms. Sullivan's article incorrectly called this a "no-bid" award (LOGCAP III was competitively awarded to KBR in December 2001), in fact, this continuation results from the Army's decision to cancel the solicitation of Basic Life Support (BLS) services under LOGCAP IV, in which two other contractors participated. In addition to KBR's proven work history, the Army also based its decision on input from military commanders in Iraq and the projected costs savings of the LOGCAP III extension.

Under the LOGCAP III contract, KBR employees have served more than one billion meals, delivered approximately 440 million pounds of mail, produced nearly 23 billion gallons of water, issued more than 8 billion gallons of fuel, hosted more than 170 million patrons at MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) facilities, logged more than 701 million miles transporting supplies and equipment for the military, and laundered 78 million bundles of laundry all in an effort to support U.S. troops as they carry out important and dangerous missions.

KBR is proud of its work in Iraq and is honored that the U.S. military repeatedly has chosen KBR to perform the important work of supporting U.S. troops overseas. KBR remains committed to providing the U.S. military with the high-quality service for which we have consistently have been recognized. The company also remains committed to conducting its business with transparency and integrity. For the article to suggest otherwise is inaccurate, and is a disservice to the more than 50,000 employees who work in Iraq at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.

As KBR's LOGCAP III work progresses, we look forward to a continued fact-based dialogue when issues are raised.


While the Logcap III may have been awarded competitively, the RIO contract was not, and that is the "No Bid Contract" Julie Sullivan is referring to... RIO is Restore Iraqi Oil. As I sit here looking at a copy of the contract itself, it says on the front page...Dated February 28 2003 at 7:23 pm and was considered "Secret", but since has become "Unclassified"

SUBJECT: "Justification and Approval for Other Than Full And Open Competition For The Execution Of The Contingency Support Plan"

I Have Approved The Enclosed J&A for Other Than Full And Open Competition for Execution of the Contingency Support Plan for Repair and Continuity of Operations of The Iraqi Oil Infrastructure. I am Returning The J&A For Implementation"

This was signed by Claude M. Bolton Jr.
Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology

YES INDEEDY FEED THE NEEDY!! There it is there in black and white. I just wish there was a way to post the PDF form of the contract on here so everyone could read it for themselves. So...Mr. Williams just from reading the front cover sheet, you didn't win that contract..America got it crammed down their throats or up the exhaust pipe!!

Oh, if you visit my favorite blogger Ms Sparky Tell her Larry sent you!!
You can read the RIO Documents HERE

Now, lets talk about my experiences with KBR. I sent my laundry in to be cleaned ONE time and then never again. My Uniform came back smelling worse than when I sent it in to be washed. It smelled like someone had wiped a Camel's ass with it!! After that I bought soap at the PX trailer and 2 plastic tubs and washed my own clothes.

My friends called me "Vanilla Hadji Laundry Service" And as far as the few KBR workers I came in contact with, I found that the TCN's were usually more friendly than the American workers, especially some of the rude ones at Qarmat Ali I was supposed to protect with my life.

I will say the Food was good at the chow tents in most places. Now lets talk about your comments about our refusal to provide proof of our injuries. Your arrogant attorneys who come to Oregon and do not even have the courtesy to stand when addressing a Federal Magistrate had asked for a "Lone Pine Order" which was "DENIED" by the Federal Magistrate.
Here...I will even make it easy and put you up a link so you can look it up.

So, see Mr. Williams There are two sides to every story and yes you talk about facts..but be careful which ones you neglect. And you have to play by the rules, but I guess KBR is above the rules. Especially seeing how since KBR was given the RIO Contract NO BID!! and then came back and demanded total immunity or they wouldn't do the job. Tsk Tsk Tsk and you call yourselves Americans.