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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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17 September, 2010

Kurt Schrader For Congress (5th) District November 2010

My Fellow Vets from 1/162, With election time fast approaching, it is time to think about who has your back when it comes to our needs as disabled vets and Human beings in general. I usually do not get on a political soap box, I prefer to let my pen do my talking on election day. These last few years I have learned some hard lessons regarding the political party I once was affiliated with. For those of you who remember me from our trip to the big catbox, I had grey hair and you guys called me old man and gramps and stuff like that. That I thought was great, because even though in some cases I was twice your guys ages, you still accepted me.
Now, to show you how old I am... I voted Republican since Reagan, Does that tell you how long I had been drinking the Republican Kool-aid?... Now, I bought off on the Iraq mission like we all did and now I come home from that mission with some problems.

I tried going to my local State Representative Kevin Cameron who is a Republican and his office would not even return my phone calls. As a matter of fact Republicans in general take the road that it is ok for you to be exposed to a chemical that will kill you years down the road even though a contractor working for the government was in charge of the site and let it happen unnecessarily... I guess that way you die sooner and they do not have to pay out so much on your worthless soul. I believe the Iraqi People needed help, but did we go there to help them, or ourselves to their oil? I am beginning to think the latter. The reason I say this is because the first priority was to get the oil flowing, not stabilization of the country. Saddam was not leaving and the U.S. wanted that Iraqi Oil on the global market, so we had to go kick him out.

Now the Republicans complain about the cost of having to foot the cost of healthcare for disabled combat veterans..If they would stop making them unnecessarily, this would not be an issue. Look at all the time , money, equipment and most importantly the human cost. Hell look at Vietnam and the thousands lost there, those men and women did everything their country asked of them and more. Just think of the waste of American Resources there...How many potential Congressmen and Women and or President's, scholars, scientists and just plain good people who could be making America a better place today but never got the chance...God bless them for serving their country. That's the human Cost I am talking about...The part the Republicans refuse to acknowledge.

I myself am voting for Kurt Schrader for my Congressional District here in Oregon (5th) He worked hard to make sure that us Oregon veterans are getting help with jobs when we come back from deployment and help with reintegration into civilian life and also for soldiers to be immediately notified if they have been exposed to dangerous chemicals. Do not get me wrong, I am all for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility, but is losing over 4000 lives in Iraq for no clear objective fiscal responsibility?... Think, along with that gasoline we are putting in our cars, does it also contain some of the blood of our servicemen and women? Yes, I even did a commercial for him, and I did it because I believe in him and I meant every word I said!! I do not want to tell you how to vote...but to think about who has your best interests at heart before you vote!!
Kurt Schrader is committed to us Veterans and he has my vote!! :D
Here is the Link to the commercial