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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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30 May, 2010

America Needs More Self Reliance

On the eve of Memorial Day 2010, I find myself reflecting on how things have changed just in just the 45 years I have been alive... America who once proudly depended upon herself to provide her citizens the basics, can no longer do so. Or, should it be phrased in the form of a question? Are we AmeriCAN's or AmeriCAN'Ts?

When I say American's...I do not just mean Anglo-Saxon American. I do not care if you are white, Brown, Red, Yellow or any other color. In the Army, you are either Light Green or Dark Green...But you're still just part of the big green machine. If you are here in the U.S. legally and pursuing a better life for you and your family I am happy to have you here.

We all need to work together to put America back to work, stop building damn cheap apartments and strip malls on our farmlands. We need our agriculture for alternative fuels. Instead, we get oil companies who constantly pocket billions of dollars in profits...because they hardly ever pay to do correct maintenance, Is it me, or is this a Republican trait? Do they horde all the money and sit on it until something catastrophic happens, then only do a half ass job fixing it?. Is the President of B.P. next batch of deep fried gulf shrimp gonna taste like they were deep fried in SAE 90 weight oil? and he will whine..Oh hell yes, and that is about the extent he will suffer too. The ECO system is screwed hurry your butt up and figure out how to fix that.

I want to switch gears here and send a salutation to all veterans for Memorial Day, and Please remember to bow your heads in a moment of silence for the veterans who are no longer with us and the ones who lost their lives in the most hellish places on earth for you and for me and for a lot of people in the world, who maybe are not as grateful as they should be for their freedom.

All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones.
..................................... Benjamin Franklin