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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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28 April, 2010

Where are the Republicans?

Today I am having a horrible migraine..I can barely see out of my left eye, and have it covered up like I am some damn pirate. Having been to the V.A. Hospital, I see the big campaign signs along I-5 for the upcoming elections. Now, my problem is that I have been a registered republican since I was old enough to vote. Now, after being sent off to war by a Republican Presidential Administration I come home with a bunch of problems which I need help with.

Where are the people from the Republican Party? Not one Republican office holder has contacted me, even on a local state level and I am talking about you Kevin Cameron!
My Local State Representative (Republican) I have not heard a word from you...neither have my fellow veterans!

We have been helped tremendously by Chip Shields and Suzanne VanOrmand, both are Democrats...and neither from my area. I am beginning to think that if you do not have anything to offer the Republican party in the way of being able to help make them money, then you are not a person they care about. What a sad realization this has become for me. I guess G.O.P. stands not for Grand Old party, but more like Gas Oil Petroleum. It seems like the party that freed the slaves in the 1860's wishes to create another class of slaves by stomping on the back of hard working and hard FIGHTING Americans to make more money for themselves.

I do not agree with the Tea Baggers and their philosophy and the only people who will help ordinary folks are the Democrats, so I guess I am going to have to do what my conscious tells me and disavow the Republican Party. Sometimes you just have to recognize a poor investment and cut your losses. I am now an INDEPENDENT that leans Democrat!!

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I Love Ms. Sparky, she can write a hell of a blog!!

14 April, 2010

Overwhelmed? Hug a Pug!!

This blog entry is about one of the people in my life..That's right, I said people, but he is really my Pug, or I am his human... I think he owns me!! His name is Emperor Xuanzong and he is a fawn Chinese Pug. I just call him Frank after the "Frank from Men in Black movies" I received him as a gift for my 40th birthday shortly after I got home from Iraq/Kuwait.

I seemed to be having a hard time adjusting to life, and my wife had read about how the Ancient Chinese nobility would keep Pugs because of their great companionship. I always have had big dogs, but figured if I had to have a small one that a Pug would be Ideal. Boy was I in for a shock.... Frank turned out to be a 1 & 1/2 foot tall Marmaduke. If you have not seen a Marmaduke are missing out.

From 8 weeks old, he was into everything!! No kitty at my house was safe and even my older dog Dryfuss was at his mercy!! Dryfuss was a good sized Shepard & Lab mix dog with a super temperament. Frank would basically attach himself to Dryfuss's neck and Dryfuss would just drag him around. Frank always seems to know when I have not taken my medication or something is not right with me. He has stood on my chest, pinning me to the bed and barking in my face to alert me if he thought something is or was wrong.

He always knows if I am worried and or depressed and he will bark at me and incessantly lick my face to try to calm me down, I am not sure how he knows, he just knows. The Ancient Chinese knew a winner when they chose the Pug as a companion animal, and Frank is definitely an angel in a fur suit..he has not earned his Halo yet, but he is working on that...Just don't take your eyes off him while you are eating next to him, he may be pudgy, but he is fast!!

So this weekend I turn 45 and my wife will bake Frank a couple of plain vanilla cupcakes with dog treats in them because he celebrates his birthday with me. It is always so much fun to watch him enjoy those cupcakes. I hope to Have many more years with Frank, Lord knows I need someone to keep me out of trouble.