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Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media
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28 March, 2010

Friends, Who needs them, when you have Battle Buddies!!

Did you ever notice that the word "Friend" is just the word "Fiend" with the letter "R" thrown in for camouflage? Since I have been home, a lot of people I have thought were my "Friends" have turned to be just "Fiends" Even family members, when they call, ask stupid stuff of me like "Are you sick enough that you're dying?"...Yeah, like I got a big pot full of 100 dollar bills that I use as toilet paper, and I am saving the big bills to leave them in my will....NOT!!

Some Upper Command soldiers I worked for for have even told me, when you have time, YOU call me and we can set up some time to visit, like the phone doesn't work both ways. Well, when you are sick and in bed half the time what the heck are you supposed to do, I'm not out partying every night and getting laid every day!! And then you have the fair weather friends, the ones that only treat you fairly only if you do what they want you to do.

The friends I like the best are the ones I served with overseas, the ones that were my Battle Buddies...They are the ones that call me up and ask "Hey you old grumpy bastard...ya still kicking? You know they mean nothing but the best and in their own way are reaching out to hug you. It is a lot for these guys to pick up the phone and it means a lot to me. Of course there is no way in hell I am going to meet a group of these guys at a restaurant for dinner. You ever see a bunch of guys with PTSD try to all sit in the back seat of a booth in a restaurant? That would quickly escalate into a full fledged game of rock, paper, scissors, revolver...

And Speaking of PTSD, Remember, Please don't laugh at me or other veterans when some hammerhead tosses 3 large firecrackers on the street and I immediately drop to the ground for cover and roll behind something. And when you try talking to me, I am breathing and sweating so hard that I can hardly talk, like my sphincter has just jumped up and choked off my windpipe. That shit is not funny!!. When we finally die,we will come back and haunt your asses for the rest of your if you don't want to be hearing creaking and chains and stuff like that in your attic every night, don't make fun of Veterans. And to leave you with a quote from one of my favorite Clint Eastwood Movies "Gran Torino" from
Walt Kowalski "GET OFF MY LAWN"

05 March, 2010

It's On..The internet that is!!

Alright...What the hell is wrong with this country. Ok, don't answer that question, I dont have eternity. I am talking about KBR. The government didn't give them their 25 million dollars in bonus bucks because they supposedly did not meet standards. So what do we do next...we reward failure with a multi billion dollar contract?

Who is the dork in Washington DC who signed this contract? he or she needs to be looking for a new job, because they obviously are not qualified to do the one they are at now. Why KBR? With the withdrawl from Iraq only a short time away, it is time to kick KBR's keister to the curb and say good riddance. The Military has always been able to take care of it's own and needs to start doing so again.

It makes me sick to see KBR always blaming the Army for everything it does wrong...kinda like that saying "The Devil Made Me Do It" I read the stories about the truck drivers who get blown to hell and left to rot in nursing homes fighting AIG and KBR for benefits, all the while KBR hires retired generals to give "Expert Opinions" to try to keep them from having to pay out money. This makes me all kinds of sick...How do you bums sleep at night?

Cool that the search engines finally picked up my blog.
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